Social Advancement Through Unity.

A Message From Our Founder

Social Advancement Through Unity – SATU, was established on February 19, 1991 by a group of like minded social workers in Tangail district. From its inception the organization has been working for the ultra poor, poor, neglected, and backward population of the country giving special emphasis to women and children.

Over the last two decades, SATU has gradually and steadily progressed. With the support of national and international donors and through untiring efforts of all level of officials and employees, the organization was able to develop and implement quality projects in education, health & family planning, sanitation, training of beneficiaries, development of mother & child health care, micro-credit, micro entrepreneurs, integrated projects for women empowerment, agriculture development, food security and nutritional development, fish culture, milch cow rearing, beef fattening, environment development, migration and HIV/AIDs prevention programs. SATU in changing circumstances, following the current developmental trend develops work strategy and implements those at the beneficiaries' level that is undoubtedly praise worthy. SATU’s activities now spans over 7 districts that includes North Bengal, 27 Upazilas, 148 Unions, 17 Municipilities and 1271 villages.

Keeping in line with the Millennium Development Goals and Government of Bangladesh, Poverty Reduction Strategic Paper, SATU is formulating its development plan and successfully implementing those at the beneficiaries' level. Though due to global recession and country's political scenario an adverse effect is observed on the overall economy, but the organization, continuing its approach is working relentlessly. The organization gives its best efforts to maintain its quality in implementing developmental programs.  With its highly dedicated and motivated staff, SATU is fully committed to transform the huge manpower of the country into human resources and through appropriate use of the available resources move the country ahead to its desired development destiny.

On behalf of the organization, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the members of the Executive Committee and the General body for their continues and timely support to the organization that has ultimately made the foundation of SATU strong and recognizable. 

I am also expressing my heartfelt gratitude to all those who are associated with SATU and are keeping the continuous pace of success of the organization. In future to accelerate the ongoing programs of the organization and in undertaking more new programs SATU is firmly determined to achieve its intended goals. In this regard I am expecting everybody’s support and assistance.

My sincere thanks to all national and international donors especially Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) for their continuous support both financially and providing valuable comments for the overall development of the programs and the organization.

May Bangladesh prosper and attain its intended goals.

May Bangladesh prosper and attain its intended goals.

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